Top Web Tools to Make Life Easy

Web designing is ruling the world and its tools keep on developing every day. With the technology becoming sophisticated daily, the designing job is becoming better. There is a huge range of applications, tools, and services available in the market. These services focus to speed up the web designer’s work.

How Do Web Tools Make Life Simple?

Some of the web work tools are basic and offer simple way to sketch or create a rough design. With advanced tools, you can add interactive features and animations. Some tools allow live user testing. The collaborative features make it easy to discuss, share and present the designs.

Essential Tools

Here are a few best tools to try out for your web design project:

· Avocode: It acts as a bridge between web designers and front-end developers. This type of work tools enable the exporting of the Sketch and Photoshop designs in one click. Avocode keeps all the layers and elements intact. It is a collaborative tool. It gives full control over export assets. The beginners can trust its handy tutorial to get started. This tool works on Windows, OS, and Linux.

· Form: With Google, form ensures all its users to stay on top of the web designing trend. It is a free tool and very easy to use. Thus, it is worth adding to the prototyping toolkit. This tool helps to create prototypes for a wide range of devices. Many prototypes are available on the Form website. It creates graphics and also adds various animation effects.

· Macaw: It is popular as a ‘code-savvy tool’. Thus, it is the best tool for those who are yet to learn the coding. The design of Macaw is simple. It helps to create responsive designs and prototypes and construct wireframes and mock-ups. It generates the underlying CSS and HTML in the background too.

Other Web Design Tools

There are many other fantastic web design tools. It includes web flow, wire flow, UXPin, and many more. All these web design tools help you to get your web designing project started.

For complex projects, choose the tools with built-in communication and collaborative features.